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Note: Server rules will apply to all who play on our servers, while clan rules will only apply to FTB members.

Punishment System For Rule Breaks:

First offense = 1 month in game mute and/or 1 week ts mute.
Second offense = 1 month temp ban from our game server and/or 1 week temp ban from ts.
Third offense = Permanent ban from all of our services.
Cheat/Hack = Instant permanent ban.

Server Rules:

1) No Cheating Of Any Kind Will Be Allowed
2) No Disrespecting Others On Our Servers (This rule applies to and protects EVERYONE)
3) No advertising other servers/games.
4) No Political Or Religious Topics Will Be Discussed On Our TeamSpeak Server. We Are Here To Have Fun And Unfortunately These Topics Tend To Ruin The Fun And Lead To Arguments.

Clan rules:

1) Clan Application: This rule has been in place for a while now: We at FTB are recruiting new members, however if you have not taken the time to get to know at least most of our members for a few months, then you will not be eligible. We want to make sure you stick around first to make sure you're not wasting our time.

2) Clan Decisions: FTB has always let their admins make the major clan decisions, that is what makes them admins. As such any decisions on clan applications, clan promotions/demotions, bans and server changes are decided by the FTB Admin Team, however we do accept input on our clan from our members as well as server input from just about anyone, so pls feel free to let your voice be heard if you have any suggestions.

If you witness any rule breaks please report them to the FTB Admin Team (Slate, Sinister, Terminator and/or Zero), try to provide proof or witnesses if possible.

Thank You,
~FTB Admin Team~

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