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=A!M=Arena Masters

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Arena Masters Is A Unreal Tournament Clan That Has Been Around Since UT99.

For A While We Were Very Heavy On UT2003 Even, However Our Biggest Impact Came In UT2004.

This Clan, Along With Help From The Community Created The 3SPN Mod, Which Holds The Gametypes: Freon, TAM (Team Arena Master) And Arena Master.

To This Day Freon Is One Of The Top 2 Most Active UT2004 Gametypes, However The Code To 3SPN Has Been Modified Throughout The Years.

While The =A!M= Clan Had Little To No Part In It, 3SPN Was Even Created For UT3 And UT4, Showing Just How Truly Great A Gametype(s) This Clan Had Created.

Now This Clan's Active Members Are Down To =A!M=Hercules, The Clan Founder And His Son, =A!M=Voltage.

Both Members Being Able To Admin The Server In General Ways With =A!M=Voltage Being The One Who Makes The Server Tick Combined With =A!M=Hercules Knowledge Of Optimal 3SPN Settings.

Together Both Members Have Managed To Recreate The Old WINDY CITY MADHOUSE, But With A Modern Day Twist Of Freon As A Voteable Gametype.

This Server Gets Complements All The Time Of Being The Smoothest Running 3SPN Server Out There, However People Play Where They Are Use To, Leading To A Current Lack Of Activity On Our Server.

However If Your Ever In The Mood For Some Smooth Freon Or TAM Stop On By And You May Just Be Surprised At The Turnout.

Special Thanks To The FTB Clan For Hosting Our UT2004 Server And This Webpage.

Contact Us:

The =A!M= Clan Does Not Have A TeamSpeak Server Or Forum. Our Members Can Be Reached Via =A!M='s Discord Server Or Email.

Ask A Clan Member For The Link To =A!M='s Discord Server Or Join Their UT2004 Server, Hit The Escape Key To Bring Up Your Menu And Click The Button "=A!M=Discord" To Open Your Browser And Join.

=A!M=Voltage Is Also An Admin Of The FTB Clan, He Can Be Reached By Emailing

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