Welcome to the FTB Clan! We are a gaming clan that focuses on the Unreal Tournament Series (UT99 & UT2004 specifically). The FTB Clan was founded on September 4th, 2001 by *FTB*~Buzzkill~. We have been together almost 20 years now and we are still going strong as a tight group of friends. The Unreal Tournament series is the most customizable FPS there is and as such gives us many mods and gametypes to choose from. We have tried many of these gametypes, most of which have died off, but have found sticking to our roots to be the most successful and consistent way of running this clan. We were formed as a BinSlayer CTF clan in UT99 and to this day it is still our #1 priority while our UT2004 |ZARK| Freezetag server continues to be the most popular server FTB has ever ran. We make time every Friday night to stick to our roots and play UT99 BinSlayer CTF, while u can find 10+ people on our Freezetag server any night of the week. The FTB Clan even tried the new UT4 and in 2015 we were the first clan to create both a |ZARK| and BinSlayer Rifle in it, however like EPIC GAMES we have decided to take a hiatus from UT4 for the foreseeable future. Together with lots of players, friends and many other BinSlayer & |ZARK| clans that are sadly no longer active, we have managed to keep our servers and clan going strong all these years later.

You Can Find People On Our TS Server Playing |ZARK| Freezetag In UT2004 Just About Every Night, However The FTB Clan Has Always Played BinSlayer CTF In Unreal Tournament 99 On Friday Nights And Will Continue To Do So Until We Are No More!

If our TeamSpeak 3 Server is ever offline then please use our backup TeamSpeak 3 Server hosted by Our Clan Member *FTB*~Tony~:


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